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Passive Modules Splitters Switches Power Supplies

  Set of ISP rack mount Passive, Active devices and modules working in frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz.

  Variety of passive modules includes Splitters, Combiners and Directional Couples with LNB power passing capabilities.

  The 1RU or 2RU Chassis for Active and Passive Integrated Splitters.

  The Passive or Active L-band Combiners are also available.

  All Active devices deliver power to LNB from internal Power Supplies with separate “On-Off” switch.

  The 13 VDC, 18 VDC  or selectable LNB voltage.

  Up to 0.5 A current per LNB.

  Single or Redundant Power Supplies configuration for Active devices.

  Optional -20 dB Test Ports for both types of devices


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